Welcome to the HRCC LINK Multi-Protocol URF Reflector

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Connection and More Info

Connect to HRCC Link

Below is a list of ways you can connect to HRCC Link and the Reflector:

Mode Network/Type ID/Name
DMR Brandmeister Talkgroup TG 31621
DMR XLX-621 DMR Master TG 6 / TS 2
YSF XLX YSF Reflector 01037 - US-HRCC-LINK
YSF Wires-X Room 61221
M17 M17 Reflector* M17-621*
DStar XLX/XRF/DCS/REF Reflector 621A
DStar Terminal Mode via urf.hrcc.link host** UR: /URF621A**

*M17 Users:
To fix "No TX" issues on M17-621: Add "M17 HRCC m17.hrcc.link 17000" to your custom hosts list, and use that instead of choosing "M17-621" from the default hosts list.

**DStar Terminal Mode Users:
Use "urf.hrcc.link" as the gateway/server, and use UR: /URF621A (NOT XLX) to connect.
If using cellular network, may need to use a VPN.
If using a home network, may need to port forward UDP40000 if UDP Hole Punch doesn't work.
If using a home network, may need to turn off DStar hotspots or disable UPNP as that can conflict with terminal mode.

More HRCC LINK and URFD Info


To learn more about HRCC LINK, visit our homepage: http://hrcc.link

System Admin is Ethan, KE7DUX

What is a URFD Reflector?

A Multi-protocol Gateway Reflector Server (URFD), like the one at the core of HRCC LINK, is a multi-protocol Digital Voice (DV) Server. The sources are published under GPL Licenses.

URFD is based on N7TAE's new-xlxd, which, in turn, is based on the first multi-protocol reflector, xlxd. URFD supports all protocols of it's predecessors, as well as both M17 protocols, voice-only and voice+data!
A key part of this is the hybrid transcoder, tcd.

Tom Early, N7TAE deserves credit for URFD, and a number of other projects. Tom's Github

Where can I find out more, or make my own URF Reflector?

Take a day or two and head over to N7TAE's Github and have some fun! URFD Github